Relief and Reconstruction

IRG-SSA has extensive capabilities and track record in industrial and natural disaster management and hazard analysis.IRGSSA has addressed concerns ranging from the management of disasters from industrial installations to its transportation along the highways. IRG-SSA's team has a strong capability in assisting developed, developing and newly industrializing countries in formulating strategies and projects, providing associated training and overviews and policy recommendations for international agencies and national governments.

IRG-SSA professionals have carried out risk analysis and HAZOP, HAZAN studies for chemical process industry and has in-house modeling capabilities.

IRG-SSA provides focused expertise across the full spectrum of disaster prevention, response, recovery, and reconstruction. Principle areas of IRG-SSA expertise include:

Emergency research, planning, and program management

Disaster preparedness and mitigation

Disaster Relief and Reconstruction

Emergency management training

Emergency Preparedness Program evaluation

Emergency Preparedness and Response Policy research

Disaster Relief logistics

IRG-SSA has access to global databases and software, which can be used for hazard identification, emergency planning, preparedness, Disaster Management & Mitigation.