IRG-SSA has requisite qualifications to conduct broad macro assessments, such as national economic analyses, energy policy reviews, national planning studies and institutional analyses, as well as micro-level projects such as assessing appropriate technology applications, analyzing individual energy facilities and designing specific energy projects/programs. 

IRG-SSA executes projects in the following areas:

  • Energy planning, policy and pricing

  • Energy conservation, efficiency and renewable energy

  • Utility consulting, privatization and independent power

  • Oil and gas sectors

  • Training and capacity building

IRG-SSA staff include specialists in oil & natural gas, coal, fuelwood, charcoal, biomass, ethanol, geothermal, nuclear, electricity and all sectors

Energy Planning, Policy and Pricing

IRG-SSA is one of the leading specialized firms involved in energy planning, policy and pricing issues in developed and developing countries. The expertise in this area includes working with senior host-country officials to identify and assess key pricing factors, developing and recommending appropriate reforms and policies for energy pricing, designing and implementing computer-based models and other analytical tools to assist in evaluating the economic and financial impact of price changes, and assessing the social and political impact of pricing policies. IRG-SSA's experience in energy pricing includes natural gas, coal, electricity, oil and petroleum products and biomass fuels.

Oil and Gas Sectors 

IRG-SSA is very active in conducting project evaluations, feasibility studies and supply/demand analyses for the oil and gas sector. Its long-term and short-term projects include technical assistance to energy institutions and government agencies in developing countries.

Energy Training Capability

IRG-SSA has been involved in the training of personnel through organization and execution of in-country and third-country training, and the design and implementation of sector specific training activities. As part of its analytical process on energy assignments, IRG-SSA regularly organizes and executes workshops and seminars.